SLIDING into the Millennium

This compelling fast moving story gives a real life setting to scriptural events coming in the not far distant very last days.  Each character learns the depth of his faith as the world as he knows it collapses around him.

Dan and Julie Lake travel through earthquakes, fires, and locust plaques to join their sons’ families in the safety of Utah, only to be engulfed in the disasters and trials that pursue them.  Electromagnetic pulses make cars inoperable, earthquakes make roads impassable, and plaques make life unbearable. World politics degrade into nuclear war, and terrorism conspires against sanity and religion.  The Lake family endures their personal tragedies along with the calamities as they ride the tide of pestilence and plague to the end.

While Darren and his sister Jill are engulfed in the war, Doug and Janet head for Jackson County to build the temple, James and Angie stay home to support the community, and Bob and Alice do their best to nurture everyone.  Dan and Julie hold their sons’ families together as Julie brings the focus to scriptural prophecy.  Each of the Lakes are thrown into the challenges that test their faith and prepare them for the Second Coming.