. . . .”How did we get here? Where are we going? I thought we were heading into a millennial-like state. Now I’m not sure. Is the millennium more or less technical? Will we have more or less devices? We have had all this technological inspiration with new mechanical and scientific wonders. Is paradise filled with technical wiz bangs, or is it lambs and lions sitting under a tree? Are there even vehicles? Didn’t Isaiah say that we would build houses, plant vineyards and eat the fruit? [Isaiah 65:21-22] Do we have to pull weeds? So do the houses have plumbing with plastic pipe? Is there electricity? Does God have an IPOD?
“Was the Liahona just a GPS with an LCD? Do we have LCD?s in heaven, or even in paradise, and is there email or do we just use telepathy?”
“You?re making my brain hurt. Hopefully, we make the cut for the first resurrection and we will get your answers.”