She hurled. (An appropriate word considering the velocity and trajectory) It was just from the fierceness, the grossness, the intensity of the onslaught. Now the smell of the vomit added to the weird stink of the locusts. We knew we were about to perish. We gritted out teeth and tried to squint. We didn’t want to see anymore but I needed to stay on the road.
The brown storm intensified briefly and then in a moment it was over. The cloud moved on. We kept moving to clear the stragglers, but we had been plastered with carcasses. They coated everything.
Relieved but still shaking, we both started to pray aloud. It was a duet of gratitude. Soon Julie was voice and she was begging desperately.
“Please Father; help us now to find a way to go on. Please help us find a way to recover and reclaim our journey. We thank thee for not allowing us to be consumed in this plague. Please take us forward. Please….”