“RUUUUN!!!” was the shout from the crowd.
And run they did–into, over, and through each other. Everyone was running.
The Lakes headed for the jeep. They got in but the jeep was pinned in. Doug tried to back up but in the rush to escape the trailer jackknifed and one of the ATV?s toppled off. They couldn?t move. The gasoline spill was only feet away.
“Run. Run. Run!” screamed Janet. Doug lost his shoe jumping out; but he ran. Soon with each step he was counting down like a bomb would go off.
“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3….”
WOOOOOOFFFFFF. Not a bang. More like a slow flash–but searing, consuming, expanding. They toppled headlong then immediately jumped up and ran some more. Janet stopped and turned to look. She froze in the moment. Doug grabbed her hand and jerked her with him, snapping her gaze and twisting her shoulder. Ten more steps and they felt the next flare. This one did go bang. It was the jeep. They stood in horror as the heat washed over them again. Now things were falling out of the sky. They ran again just as the first ATV blew.