James took a long pause. He knew the vulnerable spots in the county and most of the cities. He felt duty bound to keep his secrets. His words were measured.
“We will see human nature here just like everywhere else. Self preservation unglues all societies. The unprepared will turn to the ones with oil in their lamps. Even if the saints were perfect, there are enough here with no other aspirations than survival. And we know the saints aren’t perfect. I have no reason to believe that God won’t visit us with the same cleansing and sorting scourges as everywhere else.
“Our water comes as snow from God. We get our allotment every year. There will be sufficient. Many have still been putting the extra water on our lawns. Of course we can return our lawns to the desert they were meant to be. Distribution will be another problem. Fuel will dry up including firewood and the hills will be raided. Food will depend on personal stores. You will have to have it, and then you will have to protect it. Lawlessness will prevail because when the more part of the people ignores the rule of law, enforcement will fail.
“Those are the generalities. I know what systems might fail first but the overall answer is be prepared for both your temporal and spiritual salvation.”
“What about earthquakes?”
“I was talking about earthquakes.”