October clouds roll toward us from the west. Windows close against the chill and are quickly splotched with wet then splattered with white. Cover the boat. Cover the tomatoes. Cover your head. The fun is done. Get back to school. Get back to work. No more escapes. No more shelter from our problems in summer diversions. Real life is back and it’s time to find safe refuge from our pressures and cares. Time to find methods of coping and solving.
May I be so bold as to suggest that the greatest shelter is in true doctrine? We often look for new answers when the safety is in revealed truth. Sometimes we wonder where the spiritual answers are when all the while the solutions lay waiting in familiar principles.
Many of us are disappointed when faith and testimony don’t seem to be enough to sustain us in our relationships or our finances. We seek satisfaction and fulfillment. We despair when our prayers die unreplied. We run to psychologists and perscriptionists to tell us we are the victims of unwarranted guilt. Have we avoided the principles we already know to be true? Are we ignoring known doctrine in the normal course of our lives? Could there be some “old” doctrines that we have set aside? Do we always remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy? Do we honor father and mother with love and respect? Are there no other gods before us? Do we do unto others as we would have them do unto us? Do we love our neighbors as ourselves? Do we use our callings to consecrate our lives? Do we prize purity? Do we love the Word of Wisdom? Do we joy in our tithes and offerings?