Patriot Dreams Come True
This season we pause to savor the blessings of patriot dreams fulfilled. Revolutionary patriots and faithful pioneers all envisioned a free and prosperous posterity harvesting amber waves of grain in the shadows of majestic purple mountains. If they did not actually view the future they at least knew the value of sacrifice and work. Each knew that rewards unrealized would create a legacy for their heirs.
We dwell in the heritage of those visions. And no people have been more blessed. In spite of the myriad of trials we encounter or create in our lives, the environment we grow in is as rich in opportunity, comfort, and freedom as ever enjoyed by any people. The fulness of the gospel envelops us and our temple watches over us. They could not have left us more.
Now is the time to trust our heritage and our God. Cradled in the blessing of patriot and pioneer dreams come true we have to ask, “Was their sacrifice worth it all?” They must have had a purpose. Everything we have been blessed with sets the scene for us to succeed in our quest for eternal life. Our forefathers have given us that which we would give our children: standards and discipline, peace and comfort, freedom and opportunity, truth and ordinances. Our greatest tribute to the patriots and pioneers is to trust the offering and make our lives worthy of their sacrifice.