Doctrine and Covenants

This book,
A warning to all men,
Declares the greatest covenants of heaven.
Through voice of warning, promises are made.
Thus by commandment God prepares our way.

They prayed
And heavens unrestrained
Poured visions down like sudden summer rain.
Latter-day truth once scattered on the lands
Now rolls forth like the stone cut without hands

They saw
Arrayed in spotless white
The Savior standing on the Father’s right.
Their mortal eyes withstood the brightest sun.
We through them see the Father and His Son.

They bled.
Their testament is sealed,
For by the martyrs blood was truth revealed.
The words they left will never leave again
Doctrines from God, and Covenants with man.

He lives.
The testament is given.
Add this to all the witnesses of heaven,
And know that through the strength of righteous men
The powers and truths of God prevail again.