On the Path

. . . Dave was the Varsity advisor. We took the boys camping together. And we had great talks. But my favorite memory is of the image I have of the time we tired of the boys refusing to plan and prepare meals together. They seemed to enjoy cold cereal and colder hot dogs in their tents.
We took them to Stansbury Island to camp on the beach. We took a few extra preparations for our dinner. It’s amazing what you can cook in a small covered charcoal grill. And I will never forget the smile on Dave’s face and the anguish on the boy’s faces behind his as they circled our card table complete with white linen and candelabra and watched as we used our real silver to eat Caesar salad, Cornish game hens with an lovely orange sauce, fluffy rice with gravy, steamed carrots with pineapple glaze, and hot rolls. I don’t remember the dessert but the point had been well made by then. I can see Dave’s smiling face now. No, he’s laughing.
Dave is happier today than he has ever been
He feels saddened only by your mourning
His faith in an after-life has been confirmed
He appreciates the value of the covenants that he kept
He is free of pain
Free of discouragement
There is beauty all around
There is peace
He left here with a promise in his hand and in his great but weakened heart. He had his covenants and doctrines that are now to him truths confirmed.