By the Spirit

….but even good intentions may not be enough. Some times we don’t realize that those we teach are not receiving the message that we think we’re giving. Let me illustrate with a somewhat kinder, gentler example:
A programmer who worked in my office had brought her two young sons by late one afternoon. She introduced them to Dave who was working at a computer. The four year-old caught on fast. Soon he was running around asking astute questions like, “Hi Dave, is that your pencil?” or, “Hi Dave, what’s your name?” ..and so forth. He soon wandered into the back room where Mark was working on a different computer. He cheerfully greeted Mark with a friendly, “Hi Dave, what ya doin?” Well his mother overheard him and carefully explained that this was Mark in this room and the man in the other room was Dave. Now we were getting both “Hi Daves”, and “Hi Marks”. Pretty clever. But then the plot thickened. Time for a shift change. Depart Mark, enter Bill who sat down at Mark’s computer. Now, Bill and Mark are not really look-alikes. Mark is 24 and has a whole head of hair. Bill is about 39 and is totally bald. Well, it didn’t take long for our four year-old friend to come bouncing back into the room. He pulled up short, sized-up Bill carefully, and then confidently said, “Hi Mark, … Where’s your hair?” (To this day, when things get too serious around the office, that line always gets a laugh.)
His mom probably thought that she was tying the names to the faces, when she had really tied the names to the places.