Bound To Be Free

So, here’s the way I think it really works. We come to a point in our lives when we begin to know the truth and we long for the truth to make us free. We want to be free from the guilt and sins and disobediences of our past. We want the powers of the priesthood in our lives. We want the right to the Holy Ghost as a companion. And so what do we do? We make a covenant. We accept restrictions, self-imposed, upon our life. We agree to go and sin no more. We submit to laws of health, finance, service, morality, and love. We subject ourselves to the will and name of Christ. We promise to serve our fellow men.
Are we then bond or free? What would the world say?
“How can you live under such restrictions? Can’t you guys do anything? Get a life.”
Thanks, we already have one. We are free. Free to partake of the Spirit. Free to feel the unspeakable joy and peace that “they” may never understand let alone experience. And how do we continue our quest for freedom through the gospel? By continuing to add self-imposed commitment and restriction to our lives
Ultimately, when we have practiced obedience and the wise use of agency, we are permitted to go to the temple and make the most restrictive and binding covenants of our lives. –to solemnly commit to uphold all of the required laws of heaven. In return we are promised the fulness of the Father, and worlds without end. Freedom and power to create and procreate. Freedom to traverse and expand the very universe. Total freedom. Under total law. Acting in obedience to all law.