Choose To Be Changed

How long shall ye halt between two opinions
If the Lord be thy God, follow Him.
How long will ye waiver between two dominions?
If the Son is thy King, follow Him.

Choose ye this day to be born of the Spirit.
Choose to be changed.
Choose the Light.
Choose the Life.
Let a miracle work in your heart, in your spirit.
Choose to be changed.
Surrender to Christ.

Christ changes men and changed men change the world.
As they follow His steps, follow them.
They set fire in us all as they burn with the Spirit.
Soon the whole world can be born again.

What think ye of Christ?–is our challenge from Jesus.
Have we sung songs of redeeming love?
Will we be born again and receive of His image?
Is the change of our heart from above?

Choose to be one who shall stand as His witness.
Bear ye His name.
Be consumed in His will.
Feast on His words and sit down at His table.
Choose to be changed.
Unto life eternal.