….Of course, we must always separate honest human emotion and tender personal feelings from the true warmth added by the Holy Ghost. This difference is learned as we progress grace to grace and come to know and act upon the things we learn by the spirit. We must try not to look so hard for earthly empirical evidence of things spiritual. Definitions of spiritual things are really very subjective. In an attempt to explain this subjective meaning of life to a daughter, I once wrote that:
– Music isn’t ever written -­ all the songs were always present. All we have to do is listen. If we like we sing along.
– Testimonies are like music ­­ independent pre-existent once forgotten dejavu’s that linger back then walk beside us when we coax, cajole, sustain.
– Words of scripture have no meaning but embody truth incarnate. Meaning comes in rays of spirit and has naught to do with words.

So, can I tell you what my testimony feels like? Describe Texas chili to an Eskimo. Describe the flavor of chocolate or licorice.