Jill had gone into the face of this evil with a mixture of courage and naivete. She would be different. She could make a difference. She had never seen bloodshed except in surgery. She had never felt hate or violence. There were children to be saved and a testimony of Christ to be delivered. God bless her. She could have never anticipated the aftermath of nuclear devastation in Iran. I recall clearly the kitchen conversation the night before she left:  “Just be valiant.” Julie counseled. “We are in the end of days. Only your faith and integrity matter anymore.”
Julie always had the clarity and apparently the courage.
“Mom you know I’m scared, but you know I know my trade and things being as they are, where else should I be?”
“They wouldn’t send you to Iran after all the radiation, would they?” I choked on my words when I realized that I had just vocalized her greatest fear. Even now I wish I could pull them back.  Anyway, that killed the conversation. The next day she flew off into the blood and fire and vapors of smoke.